Virginie drujon-kippelen


Virginie Drujon-Kippelen is a writer, photographer and multimedia producer. Born and educated in France with a degree in philosophy and political sciences, she moved to the United States in 1991 and earned a Masters’ degree in print journalism from the University of Arizona. She came to photography late in life and jumpstarted her photography education by taking a couple of classes at the Showcase School of Photography. 

For the last five years, she has worked as a multimedia producer and photographer for editorial and commercial clients. She worked as an associate producer at and has freelanced for The New York Times in Atlanta and the southeast region. She serves on the board of the Atlanta/Southeast American Society of Media Photography (ASMP) since 2012. Her personal photography work investigates our perception of nature in the urban environment and documents our contemporary landscape.

She writes about photography and is a regular contributor to as an art critic and journalist writing on the subject of photography. She also collaborates to The Eye of Photography, a global daily news magazine based in Paris, France.

Her work can be viewed at 
Twitter: @virginiedk
Instagram @virginiedk