© Jon Dean

© Jon Dean

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In this exciting four-week class, celebrate the art of photographing family, friends and clients to a whole new level of quality. 

Your instructor will guide you in understanding posing, composition, light, shadow and overall effect of a wonderful portrait.  Whether in a home, an office or outside in the park, whether posed or candid -- learn the techniques of good portrait photography.  See the techniques that make these images special and create your own in this special class.

Some of the topics include:

  • posing individuals and groups
  • capturing candid shots of kids and grandkids
  • environmental portraits
  • manipulating natural light and on-camera flash
  • breaking the rules

Learn how to capture your subject's personality in your own unique way.

Many photographers find this to be one of the most challenging areas of photography and take this class to overcome their fears.  And it works!  Knowledge is the key to success.

Prerequisite:  PHOTO 1 and PHOTO 2 or equivalent in skills