© Lynette Davis

© Lynette Davis




Photo 3 focuses on light. After all, the word photography, derived from greek origins means: photos- for “light” and -graphos for drawing. “Drawing with light”. Experienced photographers know that the quality of light makes the difference between acceptable and exceptional images. 

Learn artificial vs. natural lighting, intentional over and under-exposure for special situations, quality of color, custom white balance, HDR, and much more. 

With entire days committed to lighting, new exposure techniques, post-processing and composition, you will be able to take your photography to your next personal level of creative freedom. Finish this 4-week class with a perfect print of your work!

You will learn by participating in exercises on:

  • Styles & quality of lighting – artificial vs. natural
  • HDR Photography
  • Creating Perfect Panoramas
  • Over and under exposure for best results
  • Picture Styles and possibilities
  • Custom white balance
  • Advanced Composition (nurturing your vision)
  • Intro to post processing in Adobe Lightroom® or Elements®

Class Materials: After your first class, you will receive the Power Point presentations that support each of your four class meetings. 

What to Bring to class: Your digital SLR camera or fully adjustable mirrorless camera and note-taking material. After the first class, you will need a jump drive to bring in your assignments. 

Special Op:  All registered Photo 3 students are invited to have one of your photographs printed as an archival pigment print – offered at your last class. Details provided in your first class. 

Prerequisite: PHOTO 1 and PHOTO 2 or equivalent in skills