Computer SKILLS Checklist

To fully reap the greatest benefit from this software class, you need to have basic computer skills.  Please check this list and let us know if you'd like additional information.

Required computer skills include:

·        Transferring files from memory card to your computer

·        Copying files from a flash drive to your computer

·        Creating new folders

·        Navigating your computer to find picture files


If you feel unsure about any of these skills, please call us at 404-965-2205 to discuss!

We have several options for our students to help hone these skills:

·        A "Computer Basics for Photographers" Workshop.  Check here for the current schedule and to register

·        "One-on-One Coaching" session with one our instructors.  Call us to schedule your appointment.

Again, thank you for your interest and patronage in The Showcase School and we look forward to seeing you in class!