© James Scheid

© James Scheid




Move your images from good to GREAT!

This three-week class is a study in the art of image-making and pursuing your own style.

You will push past your camera knowledge to a new level of great photography by learning visually. You will make the most of every image, using simple and advanced techniques in design as well as several group critiques. 

Expect to see what your new tools are including:

  • Where to position yourself and the camera in the world (perspective and angle)
  • Camera lenses, focal length and orientation
  • Rule of Thirds, divine proportion, diagonals, triangles and other geometry
  • Line, Shape, Form
  • And much more

As you begin to “see photographically” through your viewfinder, the difference will show in your work. No matter what your favorite subject, we can help you improve your images by utilizing the elements of strong composition.

This class includes several critique sessions where students will be asked to bring prints of their work. More details announced in class.

This class includes assignments and critiques.  All subject matters will be discussed – from people photography to landscape/nature to documentary/candid to still life photography.

Registered students are asked to bring note-taking material to the first class.

What People are Saying:
“We covered a LOT of material in these 3 weeks!” – F.F.