Shooting and Processing Raw Hands On

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If you want to take a giant step toward more quality and instant improvement in your images, learn how to shoot RAW!

Shooting Raw allows you, at download, to adjust your images without damaging your files and losing quality.

In this hands-on experience, Amanda will discuss when and why to shoot RAW and why/when not to shoot JPEG files.

You will learn:
• How to set your camera to shoot RAW
• The flexibility of RAW files and why to shoot RAW – exposure and white balance and more!
• How to manage RAW files using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom®
• How to adjust image settings in RAW without degrading image quality
• How RAW files maintain uncompromising quality
• How to convert and save files
• Batch processing

If you’re taking a step up to get the finest quality from your images, shooting RAW is the way to go!

Registered students are asked to bring their DSLR camera, camera manual and note-taking material to the class.

Please let us know below if you will be bringing your own laptop (loaded with Lightroom 5) or prefer to use one of our computers in the lab.